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East Cobb Swim Team Registration

Per Family Household

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First swimmer $150 

Two swimmers $150+$100 = $250 

Three swimmers $150 + $100 + $75 =$325

Non-member price

First swimmer fee $150 + $25 = $175 

Two swimmers $150 + $25 + $100 = $275 

Three swimmers $150 + $25 + $100 + $75 = $350

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Use of Swimming Pool Release and Acknowledgement

This Release and Acknowledgment is made on the date noted below by the undersigned in favor of the Cedar Forks Recreation Association d/b/a East Cobb Swim and Tennis ("ECST"), its

me and/or my minor child or children to use and swim in the ECST's swimming pool and pool facilities without ECST supervision, and other good and valuable consideration, the

on behalf of myself and my child/children, as follows:

I. I understand that the ECST is making an accommodation for me in allowing me and/or my minor child or children to use the ECST's swimming pool and facilities

2. I understand that swimming poses inherent risks, and I assume all responsibility for the conduct, health and safety of myself and/or my child or children while using the ECST's swimming pool or pool facilities without ECST supervision, except as provided herein;

3. I agree that my and/or my child's or children's use of the pool and facilities will be in full compliance with all published and unpublished regulations of the ECST and with customary safe and lawful practices, as noted by my initials on the facilties’ Rules and Regulations attached;

responsible or liable for any accident, injury, harm or other loss that might occur to me or any of my children resulting in any way from, or in connection with, the use of the ECST's facilities for the purposes contemplated herein, except respectively for such as may be caused by the sole gross negligence or willful misconduct of the ECST;

5. On behalf of myself and my child or children, I hereby forever and fully remise, release, acquit, discharge and indemnify the Released Parties of and from any and all causes of action, claims, suits, counterclaims, damages and demands of whatever kind and nature, known or unknown, anticipated or unanticipated, related to use of the ECST's pool and pool facilities without ECST supervision, except as may be caused by the sole gross negligence or willful misconduct of the ECST; and

I hereby execute this Release on the date written below. WITNESS:

Name(s) of Adult Swimmer/Parent/Guardian Address: Signature of Adult Swimmer/Parent/Guardian Signature of Co-Parent or Guardian Date

Cedar Forks Recreation Association d/b/a East Cobb Swim & Tennis P.O. Box 670314 • Marietta, Georgia 30066 • 770-971-8033 •

2018 East Cobb Swim and Tennis Rules and Regulations

HOURS OF OPERATION - The facilities are open to members only from 11AM until 10PM except as outlined by the special hours prescribed for tennis and swimming functions. These hours are available upon request and are subject to change. Normal hours of operation for the playground area are 8AM until 10PM.

PARKING – Parking is allowed in designated areas only during normal hours of operation. Cars left after hours will be subject to towing.

PLAYGROUND AREAS – Children must be supervised by a parent or guardian 14 or older.


It will be necessary on occasion to close the pool for unexpected maintenance or other reasons deemed necessary by the pool committee or the Board. The lifeguards will also have the authority to close the pool if weather is a concern for safety. See pool schedule for other closing times.


Certified lifeguards will be under the supervision of American Pools Inc. The lifeguard is in control of the pool while on duty. The guard is responsible for enforcing the pool rules. Members are held responsible for their own behavior, as well as the behavior of their guests. Members are responsible for their children’s behavior even though their child may be at the pool unaccompanied. The lifeguards will refer discipline problems to the Stingrays (Management Company) and/or the ECST Board for action. Guards have the authority to enforce all pool rules. Members who repeatedly violate the rules may be ejected by the guard. Guards will have a ten- minute break each hour. During this time all children under the age of 18 must “sit-out” for an adult-only swim time. Additional rules apply as mandated by the Stingrays and as outlined within these Rules and Regulations.


A card-bearing member must accompany a guest at all times. Each member family is asked to limit the number of guests to 2 or less at one time, no more than four times per guest per season, especially during prime swim times. Please be advised that Life Guards, ECST Board Members, Pool Committee Members or the Management Agent have the right to limit guests at any time due to over capacity. An excessive number of guests could require us to have to call in an additional guard. Members are responsible for the behavior of their guests.


The consumption of food and beverages within the pool enclosure is permitted with the following stipulations. No glass containers of any kind are permitted inside the fenced area of the pool. Members are expected to maintain a clean and attractive pool area. All trash and unconsumed food particles must be properly disposed in the provided receptacles. Spilled beverages must be cleaned off tables and hosed off of the pool deck immediately. Food is not permitted within 3 feet of the pool edge. The Board of Directors reserves the right to restrict consumption of food and beverages at any time.


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Concussion information

Please go to the concussion information website below for information regarding concussions.

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